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The Power of Nature: Six Generations on the Land

Project Completion: August 17th, 2016
Organization: Heart of the Lakes

Rick Sayler, a Traverse City farmer, owns of a six-generation cherry farm that two of his daughters help him operate. Rick believes that the land pulls the family together, and considers this way of life to be the greatest reward, and he does not want to see that go away. Michigan land that can be used to grow cherries is an irreplaceable, small pocket that cannot be replicated in other parts of the state. Rick worries about this precious land being lost when farmers fall on hard times and sell their land for development. In order to make sure that this would not happen to his farm, Rick worked hard to ensure the land is under a conservation easement. His daughters look forward to continuing the legacy that has been built, and hold their father in the highest regard as the nurturer not of just the farm, but of their family.