Films for a Better World

Films for a Better World

Entertaining, Educating, and Inspiring Through the Power of Video Storytelling

Stone Hut Studios is a video production company that creates films for a better world, focusing on projects that have a positive impact on humanity. Our work includes documentary films, promotional videos, educational videos, impact campaign videos and more. We enjoy working with businesses, campaigns, and non-profit organizations, and are always looking to grow our client base both locally and globally.

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Impact Films

Impact Films are a core element of Stone Hut Studios’ mission. We believe social and environmental issues need their stories told and we use video to entertain, educate, and inspire people about these issues.
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Stone Hut Studios’ shines on our favorite projects, our documentary films.
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Branded Videos

We work with a wide range of clients to create promotional videos, branded videos, and advertisements.
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