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Entertaining, Educating, and Inspiring Through the Power of Video Storytelling

Create Films for a Better World

Stone Hut Studios is a video production company that creates films for a better world, focusing on projects that have a positive impact on humanity. Our work includes documentary films, promotional videos, educational videos, impact campaign videos and more. We enjoy working with businesses, campaigns, and non-profit organizations, and are always looking to grow our client base both locally and globally.

Aaron Dennis founded Stone Hut Studios with the vision of establishing a collaborative, sustainable production company. The Stone Hut team has expanded to include in-house production, editing, videography, and coordination specialists to ensure we achieve our clients’ vision. We are prepared for any video production needs, and can keep costs low by using light-weight, mobile camera gear. No project is too small or large.  


Video Production

Planning, filming, editing – we do everything it takes to make fantastic videos.

Video Editing

We edit your videos to create a beautiful finished product to share with the world.

Drone Videography

See the world from a daring new perspective with footage from our licensed drone videographers.

Gimbal Videography

We capture smooth and steady footage of walking, running, skiing, biking, boating, and any other adventure.

Our Work

Nature Videos

Educational Videos

Promotional Videos


Kickstarter Videos

Web Series

Short Documentary Films

Long Documentary Films


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