On The Ground Party!!

Before or After Check out our On The Ground connected documentaries for free:

The People and The Olive
Connected By Coffee

On The Ground is at the core of Stone Hut Studios’ journey. We’ve documented their incredible work and built lasting connections worldwide.

We’re passionate about On The Ground’s mission: finding solutions that empower struggling farming communities globally. They build schools, water wells, and more, helping to break the cycles of poverty and violence. They wisely partner with local organizations on the frontlines, recognizing the power of local impact.

We’ve witnessed their projects firsthand, from Ethiopia to the West Bank of Palestine and Latin America, and cheered on their remarkable endeavors in Congo.

On The Ground is the real deal—a dedicated group striving to make the world a better place. They need our support.

We’re proud to sponsor Thursday’s event! We’ve created a captivating audiovisual experience featuring On The Ground’s projects. Videos and photos of their impactful work will be showcased in the main lobby. An informative TV display in a quieter room provides in-depth insights. As music fills the main Alluvion space, videos and imagery will accompany the performances. Plus, our partnership with Ahkay Productions brings you a livestream to watch and send your best wishes from around the world