“Films for a Better World”

Stone Hut Studios creates films for a better world, which includes our community, audience, and planet. 

Stone Hut Studios recognizes that videos are capable of positively impacting the world, therefore we take on the responsibility to produce truthful, realistic videos. When we produce documentary films, we consciously consider the influences of filmmaking: emotion, storytelling, editing, personal perspectives, and more. Our videos have the capability to influence audiences through the presentation of information. This means how we choose to tell a story in a video directly affects how and what people learn about the subject of the video, whether the subject is an organization or a sensitive environmental issue.

Although our top priority is producing fantastic films, we believe our business has a responsibility to our planet. We seek to be a sustainable production studio by minimizing our carbon footprint for any filming that includes travel and using ethically sourced materials in our day-to-day operations. Additionally, our videographers support the environmental efforts of Sony Global by filming with their products as often as possible. Sony has a history of environmental activities that can be found here. We value Sony’s commitment to our planet.

We prioritize our community by telling their stories and promoting their businesses. As a for-profit production studio, we have the flexibility to work with a range of clients on projects of any size. We are prepared for any video production needs, and can keep costs low by using light-weight, mobile camera gear. We believe social and environmental issues need their stories told and we use video to entertain, educate, and inspire people about these issues. To ensure there are fewer boundaries for great organizations to share their stories, we offer 10% discounts for nonprofits. For our internal community, the Stone Hut Studios team is paid a fair wage to ensure sustainable employment in the filmmaking industry.